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20 Giugno 2011

Unisa: Emerging contaminants and microorganisms into environment


Emerging contaminants and microorganisms into th environment: contamination pathways, health effects and control

The increasing concern for the continuous release into the environment of toxic micropollutants (e.g., pharmaceuticals, pesticides, metals, endocrine disruptors etc.) and pathogen microorganisms from diffuse and point sources, resulted in a high interest from international technical and scientific community with regard to the characterization and investigation of pollution sources and loadings, contamination pathways, effects on humans and environment, strategies to approach the problem, technologies to control their release into the environment.

The workshop, patronized by GITISA (Italian Group of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering) and supported by Erasmus program and University of Salerno, includes speeches from Professors and Investigators from Universities and Research Institutes from different Countries. It will be of interest for Ph.D. students, investigators, practitioners and companies deal with environmental pollution monitoring and control as well as employers from public and private institutes from environmental and sanitary field. The workshop is organized in two different sessions. In the first one, contamination pathways and risk assessment, degradation, potential effects on human health and environment of the emerging contaminants will be discussed. The second session deals with conventional and new technologies for the removal of emerging contaminants from wastewater.

English is the official language and no translation
will be given.

Organizing secretariat

Sanitary Environmental Engineering Division (SEED)
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Salerno

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